If the pre-set custom questions and answers do not fulfill all the needs, these can all be customized to better-fit one's needs. This can be done by tapping on the latest meal to open up the Q&As. To the right, "Customize" will be displayed. Here, one can check off the questions to be displayed underneath the meals. These can be reordered based on how one wants the questions to be seen at the bottom, and here an individual has the opportunity to "Add New Question".

If one of the old questions is being used, tap on that particular question, edit the question, and add new answers. It is also possible to add/or enable multiple selections if that is relevant to the particular questions.

If one would like to add a completely new question, it is possible to add a new question, enable multiple selections, and then add different answers that pertain to that particular question. Don't forget to hit save!

These new questions and answers will be visible in “Insights”. In “Insights”, and next to “7-day progress” this can be customized. From here, check off the graphs that are preferred to be displayed. These will have the custom questions and answers available too!

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