Adding an Ate Widget

A list of available Ate widgets and how to add them to the home screen to make journaling easier and faster

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Ate offers various widgets to make both journaling and self-reflection easier and faster.

Adding a Widget

On the more recent Apple iPhones, a widget can be added by long tapping on the screen or by scrolling to the bottom of the Dashboard.

Ate offers various widgets to make journaling easier:

  • There is a Quick Meal Capture widget that will open up the camera view. (Adding a Text-only meal or importing a photo are also options on this screen).

  • The Capture Menu widget will open up the capture menu that lists all the journaling options the app supports.

  • For self-reflection, there is a Last Meal widget in various sizes. Long-tapping on this, once added, opens up the Edit Widget option to customize the widget behavior.

  • A Summary widget displays both the last meal and a summary of the week in a single widget. Again, there are some customization options through the standard Edit function.

  • Add Movement to quickly add movement to your path

  • Add Beverages to quickly add to your path

Customizing the appearance of the widget from within Ate

Customize the appearance of the widget on your phone by going into Settings > Preferences > Widgets. Select Dark mode, Light mode, or automatic.

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