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How do I choose if my food is On or Off path?
How do I choose if my food is On or Off path?

No need to stress about the decision because you can always go back and change it

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This is all up to you. It's about holding yourself accountable for the decisions that you make. Don’t cheat yourself. It will just take longer of a journey to reach your goals if you decide that an off-path meal is on-path. If it is off-path and does not fit your goals, then choose the off-path button. It really is ok! It's about understanding you and your own habits.

No one will scold you, rather you’ll learn and make better choices the next time.

However, if you prefer to not have to make a decision, you can turn on "Hide On/Off-Path". To do so: Profile > Settings > App Setup > Hide On/Off-Path.

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