If someone would like to try, they can begin with an experiment. An experiment allows for one to run a mini-trial of various proven small changes that can help improve both eating and lifestyle habits.

Everyone is different and everyone's solutions will differ from others. However, these experiments allow each individual to try proven methods to see if they are a good fit for them or not. The experiments that do feel like the right fit can be worked into a daily routine whereas those that don't feel right can be put aside and something new can be experimented with.

These experiments are based on mindful practices that can be implemented into daily lifestyles around eating. Not only do they examine slowing down while eating but also other habits that one may not have realized, like realizing the importance of putting food on a plate or changing out the size of a plate.

When giving an experiment a try, an individual is able to not only focus on the long-term goal but use them as a smaller stepping stone to build the path to that end goal.

It is key to look through the experiments and only choose one at a time, and I small reminder that there is no time requirement for any experiment. If one experiment does not work, switch to a different one at any time. Or when an experiment feels like it's been "mastered" and works with a daily routine, try a new one out!

To access experiments, tap on "Insights" and "Try an Experiment" from there a list of experiments will be displayed.

Can experiments be skipped?

If an experiment is not of interest, no worries! There is the option to simply journal or if none of the experiments are right to an individual's lifestyle, there is always the option to add a personalized experiment to customize to one's lifestyle.

What's next?

Once an experiment has been decided on, or if just journal has been selected, it's time to get going and journaling all the meals and snacks.

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