The hub for managing your account settings, connections, and customizing your journal experience.

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The Profile section in the Ate app, located in the upper right corner, serves as a hub for managing your account settings, connections, and tailoring your journaling experience to your needs. Here’s how to navigate and utilize its features:

Accessing your Profile

Open the Ate app on your device and tap on your profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

What can you find within your Profile

  1. Changing Your Lifestyle Goal:

    Once in the Profile section, locate your “Lifestyle Goal” option at the top. Tap on it to view and edit your lifestyle goal, (ex: weight management, mindful eating, or general wellness)

  2. Updating Your Current Experiment:

    In the Profile section, find your “Current Experiment” (located below Lifestyle Goal). Tap on it to see your current experiment (if any), the stats related to it, and if you are doing a current experiment the option to "End Experiment", and all the meals that have been journaled during that experiment time frame

  3. Experiments

    Have an ever bigger overview of your past experiments all visible in one location. View both previous experiments and available experiments before deciding to finish the current experiment or to start one. See all data associated with experiments from the number of days, the dates you completed it, your on-path percentage, and all meals during that experiment.

  4. My Account:

    Under the Profile section, you’ll find options to manage your account settings. This includes options to edit your profile, lock your journal, login settings, manage your subscription, log out, and delete your account.

  5. Connections:

    Use the Profile section to view and manage your connections within the Ate app. You can connect with friends, family, or health professionals (that you are working with that use Ate Coach) to share journal entries and support each other on your wellness journeys.

  6. Settings

    Within the Profile section, you can access Settings where you can customize your journaling experience. Broken down into three parts: Essentials, App Setup, and More.

    In Essentials, set custom reminders and notifications and sync with Apple Health.

    Within App Setup, decide whether you want your On/Off-path to be displayed, the option to hide fasting, saving meals to camera roll, preference for combine meal interval, which foods to be displayed when combined, units of measure, and when you prefer the week to start

    With More, customize widgets, meal Q&As, reflections Q&As, food favorites, managing locations, manage invitations, manage privacy, and reset path

  7. Share or Download Journal

    Generate PDF Download, decide whether you want to export the past 7 days, the past month or choose a custom date range. Or, share journal via Web, decide to turn on link sharing, share profile URL, or Reset profile URL

  8. Support and Connect:

    If you have questions or need assistance with the Ate app, you can access support resources from the Profile section. This includes access to FAQs and How-To's, chat with us whether feedback or need support, or rate us as well.

  9. Legal

    Just the usual legal things that need to be included. Including the Terms of Service, Open Source Libraries, the latest version of Ate on your phone, and Image Cache and clearing it.

By utilizing the Profile section in the Ate app, you can customize your experience, manage your account settings, connect with others, and access helpful resources to support your health and wellness journey.

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