How to add a friend?

If one has received an invite code:

If one has received an invite code from a friend, tap on "Friends" to get to the friend's screen. In the upper left corner, tap on “+” on this new screen, see a “Received a Code” box to enter the code received. Once done, tap "ok", and the individual will be connected with the friend and can start following one another’s paths.

If one wants to share their invite code:

If one wants to send an invite code to a friend, tap on "Friends" to get to the friend's screen. In the upper left corner, tap on “+” on this new screen, this will generate an invite link that can be shared with friends through any communication channel preferred.

When a friend taps on this link, it will either take them to the app store to download Ate or show them the invite within the app.

One can also manually invite a friend, by tapping on “Show My Invite Code” to reveal an 8 character invite code. Share this code with the desired individuals, and once a friend enters this code into their app, a connection will be made. If one feels that the code has been dispersed to too many people, simply reset it by tapping the menu icon in the top right corner of the “add friend” screen.

What can I do when connected with friends?

Once connected tap on a friend's profile picture in the top bar. One has the option to view their path (tap on the pictures to view the mindful questions/choices they picked), chat with them, and view their weekly and overall stats.

This will encourage both friends to eat better and stay accountable of their goals!

Receiving notifications from friends.

In settings, based on preference, customize what type of notifications to receive from friends.

There are two types that can be enabled: Notifications of any messages they send and/or to receive a notification every time they save a meal.

With meal notifications, receive a push notification, with a photo of their meal attached, as soon as they save it. Look at it directly on the phone’s lock screen or on the Apple Watch. It’s a great way to quickly see what they are eating.

Change 8 character private code

Change the invite code by going to settings and scrolling to “Manage Friends”. Here, reset the private code and also share the private code again.

How many friends can be added?

Technically, there is no limit on the number of friends that one can add, however, the design on the UI works better with fewer friends. This is because...

The smaller group of accountability allows for more support when encountering a health journey. It's much more reliable and manageable. Sometimes these accountability/motivational friends are not the same people every day.

Choose people that know will be a big influence and will motivate in reaching any health goals set out.

How to delete a friend?

There may come a time where that friend is not giving the accountability desired. To delete a friend, tap on that particular friend > tap on profile > tap on more > delete friend.

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