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Adjusting Privacy Settings for Friend Connections
Adjusting Privacy Settings for Friend Connections

How to setup different privacy preferences for friends you connect with in the app.

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Our app now allows you to set different privacy levels for each friend you connect with. This feature controls the extent of journaling data visible to friends.

Setting Privacy Levels

  1. For New Connections: When establishing a connection, select the desired privacy level.

  2. For Existing Connections: Go to the friend’s profile, and tap on "Connection Settings." This can be accessed from 'Settings > My Connections' or via the "Connect" page.

Privacy Options

  • Show the most (Full Visibility): Share most journal details, excluding private measurement and sleep data.

  • Show a little less (Limited Visibility): Show only the journal page without specific meal details.

  • Show a tiny bit (Minimal Visibility): Display only the profile name and image.

Working with Coaches

Connecting with a registered coach gives them full access to all journal data, including measurements and sleep, to facilitate effective coaching.


Users are encouraged to tailor these settings according to their comfort and privacy preferences.

Additional Information on Privacy Preferences

It's important to note that these privacy preferences apply exclusively to connections made within the app. If you opt to share your journal through external means, such as our web link or PDF options, the recipients will have visibility of everything included in the shared content. This also applies to the Day Recap view – if you choose to share it, all included information will be visible to those with whom you share.

Please be aware that this feature is currently available only in the latest version of our iOS app.

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