Set up custom reminders with one's own motivational wording to allow individuals to remember to journal.

These reminders can be set up at certain times after a meal, including questions like, "How was it?" or "Is it time to eat again?".

In addition to this, reminders can be set up at a specific time of the day. For example, "It's time for breakfast!" or "My eating window is closing for today" if one is experimenting with intermittent fasting.

These can be enabled by tapping on the reminder button in the top bar or in settings.

These reminders will work in the same way as notifications do, by asking individuals to enable notifications for the app. No need t worry about push notifications from Ate, the notifications received are the ones that one sets up for themselves.

One can be more mindful by…

Adding Ate to the phone’s home screen.

Moving the Ate app icon to the home screen can be helpful for the first week or so as it will be a constant reminder to use it.

Adding Ate to the navigation bar.

This will make journaling a breeze.

Adding Ate’s widget to the home screen.

This will not only make journaling a breeze but also help individuals be more aware of the last time they ate and their last meal.

But if someone still forgets to snap a picture of their food, there are still options.

When an individual receives their first reminders, deepening on the reminders that have been selected, they will start receiving these at the times that have been set.

If too many reminders are set in the beginning, it’s ok. If it starts to become annoying, the individual can always go back in and adjust them to what they prefer.

It's important to be patient in understanding the food timing and getting the messaged lined up, but when someone has this down, these reminders will be extremely useful.

One can be more mindful by…

Changing the text around often and having fun with it.

Try using the interactive “After-meal” reminders. This will allow individuals to remember to fill out the mindful self-reflection questions after a meal. This can be set up to notify the individual a certain amount of minutes after a meal. This reminder will be displayed on the lock screen like all other notifications.

With this type of interactive reminders, one can directly access the mindful questions from the lock screen, answer them, and save them without ever opening up the app. This can be helpful because logging this information will not take too much time away from enjoying everything else that is going on.

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