Import a meal

If the camera app was used to take a picture of the meal or have somebody else send the meal image over, that image can be imported from the camera for up to two weeks.

To do so, tap on the "+ Capture" in the navigation bar and tap on "Import Image". Select the desired image and add it to the timeline. Ate takes the original image timestamp and place the photo accordingly on the timeline. However, to change the original timestamp, simply tap on it during the import or later by visiting the meal detail.

One can be more mindful by...

To access "Import" quicker, swipe right, and find it in the lower right-hand corner.

Or add a meal manually, using Text-only

If there is no picture of the meal at all, the meal can be added manually by adding a short description and setting the time manually up to a week in the past. This can be done by "Meal as text" by accessing it by swiping right or through "+ Capture" in the navigation bar.

Waiting a week to track is not the best option. It is more mindful and beneficial to record things when eaten immediately and record the feeling right after.

It turns out that the less optimal choices are usually made because individuals simply do not remember what was consumed previously. Journaling things allows individuals to remember and can be very beneficial to overall progress. But of course, things happen, and it is best to journal everything without messing things up on the Ate timeline with missed meals. Through the import or the add a text-only meal can make sure that everything has been added.

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