Whenever you are ready to eat, you can capture your meal image by tapping on "+ Capture" in the bottom Navigation bar > and tap on "Meal via Photo". You can also access the camera by swiping right. From here, snap a quick photo of the meal or snack.

Make a quick decision at this point, by choosing whether it is On-Path or Off-Path based on your own health and wellness goals.

Be more mindful by...

Tracking everything! :)

Everyone's On/Off-path will be different. Everyone decides whether it is On or Off path for themselves.

Deciding between On or Off path really depends on how it fits into your current goals. There are no wrong answers, the only important part is that you are honest with yourself.

Mark it based on what feels right at that point in time. The On or Off-path can always be changed later on. No need to dwell at that moment. Rather, put down your phone and enjoy the flavors of the meal.

Meal Details

Once you're done eating, reopen Ate, scroll back up to the post, tap on it, and this will open up the Meal Details view. Now you have the opportunity to reflect on the choices made by answering some simple questions like “Why did I eat”?

These questions will help you recognize some of the undesirable habits that are keeping you from reaching your goals. It will also open your eyes and help you realize the good habits you've been tracking proudly too! :)

It will help you realize that oftentimes you eat because it’s time and not because you're actually hungry.

It's time to get started! Just make sure to snap a photo of your meal and then return to reflect.

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