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Locking your journal

How to lock your journal on your phone using biometrics.

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Are you worried about someone snooping around in your journal when they are using your phone? You can now add an extra level of privacy by limiting access to your journal content using biometrics available on your iPhone. (Android phones are currently not supported!)

Once setup, your phone will ask you to verify yourself every time you open up the Ate app. (This will be done through Face ID or Touch ID, depending on your phone model.)

How to setup

  1. Go to Settings

  2. My account

  3. Lock your journal

  4. Turn On Biometric ID

Important notes

  • You must be signed into your account to setup biometrics.

  • If you sign out of your account, you will need to sign back using the original signup method. (This does not replace signing in.)

  • Widget data is still visible on your phone, even if the app is locked using biometrics.

  • Locking your journal will not impact sharing your journal with friends in the app or through the web.

Are you looking to limit journal visibility for friends you are connected with through the app? Check out how to adjust privacy settings for friend connections here.

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