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Web Sharing

Share your Journal via a read-only web page.

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Web sharing enables you to share a read-only web version of your journal with anyone via a unique web link. Individuals sent the link do not need to have an Ate account and can open the link in just about any web browser.

To access the link, tap on the menu (...) icon on the Journal page and then select "Share journal via the web". The unique to you web link can be copied from here or shared directly with friends.

Tip: Before sharing the link with others, copy your web share link and test it yourself in a browser to see everything that is being shared. You can even bookmark it and have an easy way to look at your journal on a larger screen.

To manage the link (access, revoke or reset), tap on your Profile >> Share or Download journal >> Share journal via the web. If you reset the profile URL, it will generate a new unique link to you and disable the previous link.

The resulting read-only web page will work on most devices with a web browser. Use it to share with friends, relatives, or a coach you are working with.

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