When enjoying the same meal often, save it to Favorites

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If you tend to consume the same meal often, or you make the same smoothie or shake daily, these items can be saved to "Favorites". When these are added to "Favorites" it allows for quicker access to these particular meal images that can be reused at any time in the future (simply change the date and time).

To add a meal to "Favorites" from your Path, you can do so by scrolling back to the particular meal image, tapping on it to enlarge it, and tapping on the star icon on the meal photo.

A meal photo can also be added to "Favorites" from the camera roll in settings and on the favorites screen itself.

To access these Favorited meals and add them to your Path, tap on + > Favorites and choose the particular image in addition to editing the date and time.

To be more mindful...

If you tend to consume repeated smoothies, like a protein banana shake, create a nice setup with all the ingredients at once, snap a photo of it, and then save it as a Favorite to easily reuse. Later, this can be utilized with the meal combine feature, and can add the Favorite meal in addition to taking a photo of the smoothie in the setting that it is consumed in.

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