To add beverages to Path, one can do so by tapping on “+ Capture”. From here, select the type of liquid, quantity and add notes. If this specific drink is consumed often, this can be accessed at the bottom in the “Quick Add” section.

Once a liquid has been chosen, tap "Add" and it will be added to the Path. The liquids that are added to the Path do not impact the On/Off-Path nor the fasting time. However, if one does feel that the drink that is being consumed should impact one of those two items, it can be easily tracked as a meal by snapping a photo of it.

One can be more mindful by

If consuming a meal replacement shake or a second round of margaritas that can usually qualify as a meal :)

Nevertheless, it is possible to enable syncing with Apple Health. If other trackers are being used to save water consumption in Apple Health, it will sync it to the Path.

It is possible to edit the date, quantity, or liquid, by tapping on the liquid icon to change it.

To delete, tap on the liquid icon, and in the upper right corner, tap on the three dots where the particular liquid can be deleted.

One can be more mindful by

To use custom quantities, scroll down to the bottom of the volume picker to add the desired quantity. These can later easily be re-add using the “Quick Add” section.

To switch between measurement units (oz vs. ml), this can be done by going into settings within Ate, preferences, and going into units of measure.

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