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Custom Questions and Answer Set
Custom Questions and Answer Set

Adding custom questions and tags

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If the pre-set questions and answers do not fulfill all your needs, these can all be customized. To customize, tap on the latest meal to open up the Q&As. To the right, tap on "Customize". Here, you can check off the questions to be displayed underneath the meals. These can be reordered based on how you would like the questions to be seen underneath your meals. Additionally, here you have the opportunity to "Add New Question".

Add New Question

If you would like to add a completely new question, tap on "Add New Question", enable multiple selections if you would like, and add different answers that make the most sense to you to track what you would like. Don't forget to hit save!

Important Reminder:

When setting up a custom question and answer set, please include a minimum of two answers. As this will allow you to Save the question and answer set, and have data for the Insights section when viewing it.

Edit Old Question

If an old question is being used, tap on that particular question, edit the question, and add new answers. It is also possible to add/or enable multiple selections if that is relevant to the particular questions.

Viewing Data in Insights

These new questions and answers will be visible in “Insights”. To view them in “Insights”, and to customize your Insights page to set it up for what's important for you, head to the Insights tab in the lower navigation bar > tap on "..." in the upper right corner next to Profile > choose either Edit 10-day overview or Edit detailed stats. Check off the graphs that you would prefer to see and have them displayed. These will have the custom questions and answers available.

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