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Insights allows you to see your journey through graphs, charts, and calendars.

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Insights Overview

The Insights feature in the Ate app helps you monitor your progress by providing detailed graphs, charts, and calendars, allowing you to visualize your journey and make informed decisions.

Navigating Insights

If you want to see how you've been doing over time, tap on "Insights" in the bottom Navigation bar to see how things are going.

At the top view your On-path towards my goal percentage, the Days Tracked Calendars, and the Time of Day Chart.

Be more mindful by…

Aiming to be around 80% On-path to a sustainable balanced lifestyle. Remember, health is not only physical, but also mental, and emotional. Sometimes you can and need to live a little to maintain the proper balance. (Of course, if you have a medical reason to stay 100% On-path, you should stick to it!)

What else is on the Insights page?

A little lower, view Detailed Stats and Lifetime Averages. Here you will be able to see the mindful questions that have been answered after the meals, such as "Why did I eat".

Tap on "See Details" in the lower-left corner of the particular Mindful Question and Answer set to see the meals that you tagged for that specific question.

Use the share icon to share the particular graph with someone or save it to your photos to look back on later.

Or if circle graphs aren't your thing...

What if I want to change the type of graph?

If circle graphs are not your thing, no worries! Tap on the three dots in the upper right corner of the specific Question and Answer set and choose between the three types of graphs. Circle graph, or line bars where you can have the data displayed based on meal numbers or meal percentages.

Remember to click save once you've picked the Chart Style in which you want your data displayed!

Customize profile

Pick the graphs that are the most meaningful/motivating for you and only add those to the main screen of your Insights. Having too many graphs can be overwhelming.

When you are on the Insights page and tap on "..." in the upper right corner, it is where you can Download Journal as PDF, Edit 10 day overview, and Edit detailed stats. Decide which ones are the ones you prefer to be shown on the Insights main screen.

View the different types of stats by choosing either "Edit 10-day overview" or "Edit detailed stats".

Lifetime Averages

From the first photo uploaded to your timeline, Ate keeps track of where you are on your path. Making daily and weekly progress is fairly easy to make, but changing lifetime percentage is difficult. This is where you can realize that a journey is a process, and cannot sprint to the finish line.

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