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Insights: Days Tracked calendar
Insights: Days Tracked calendar

Easily track which day you were active with this calendar.

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Understand the different components that make up the Insights in the Ate app.

The insights help you monitor your progress by providing detailed graphs, charts, and calendars, allowing you to visualize your journey and make informed decisions.

Days Tracked Calendar

Helps you stay consistent and visualize how your journaling becomes a habit.

Consistency is the key to building lifelong healthy habits and journaling is the best tool available to support us. With our Days Tracked calendar, you can make sure you are consistent in tracking your food, movement, and other activities.

Note: Tracking every day will give you the best results. However, that doesn't mean you should do everything every day. For example, when it comes to movement, make sure you include some rest days to allow your body and mind to recover.

Day Details

Tapping on any of the days will take you to the Day Recap of that day, so you can see all the details you have in your journal. It's a great way to revisit previous days where you might have forgotten to journal or missed a workout.

Calendar charts available to you

By going to the Insights management screen, you can select from the following calendar types:

  • All entries

  • Foods

  • Food & Movement

On each of these calendars, days are marked with color if there was a related entry that day, or left blank otherwise. On the Food & Movement calendar, the green line at the bottom of the day indicates that there was a Movement tracked that day. Shading shows that Food was tracked.

We value your feedback. Let us know how we can enhance these calendars for you!

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