If an individual wants to see how they have been doing over time, simply tap on "Insights" to see how things are going.

When signing up for Ate, a profile was created. This allows an individual to switch phones and still get into the app using the same email and password that they initially registered with, or if the app is deleted by accident they can still access their Ate account. This allows one to always have their Ate timeline.

With this account, it is also possible to customize profile, sync across devices, connect with friends, and also make sure that there is access to their own data in the future.

What else is on the Insights page?

Be reminded of the lifestyle goal and current experiment. See the current percentage On-path that one has been at for that particular experiment.

View the meals that have been enjoyed during the experiment by tapping on details to see a camera roll worth of the meals. When looking to complete the experiment, tap on "Finish and try something else”. Make a final note of how the experiment was and anything that was learned.

A little lower, view stats regarding the last 7 days. On the top diagram, the On-path percentage shows how an individual is progressing to their goal. Below, view the mindful questions that have been answered after the meals, such as "Why did I eat".

Insights is also a place to create a web sharing link.

One can be more mindful by…

Aiming to be around 80% On-path for a sustainable balanced lifestyle. Remember, health is not only physical, but also mental, and emotional. Sometimes one can and needs to live a little to maintain the proper balance. (Of course, if one has a medical reason to stay 100% On-path, they should stick to it!)

Customize profile

View two types of stats. Rolling stats for the past 7 days and detailed stats for the past 12+ weeks.

By tapping “See all”, view all the graphs available. Also, decide which ones are the ones preferred to be shown on the Insights main screen.

One can be more mindful by…

Picking the graphs that are the most meaningful/motivating for them and only adding those to the main screen. Having too many graphs can be overwhelming.

What else can Insights do?

Lifetime stats

From the first photo uploaded to the timeline, Ate keeps track of where one is on their path. Making daily and weekly progress is fairly easy to make, changing lifetime percentage is difficult. This is where one can realize that a journey is a process, and cannot sprint to the finish line.

Lifetime stats are always visible at the very bottom of the profile because an account has been created.

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