Day Summaries

After the first post of the day, a nice little summary of the previous day can be viewed. This includes On-path percentage, number of meals, the frequency of those meals, and the Day Recap button.

Overnight fasting time is also calculated after the first meal post of the day and calculated from when the last meal of the previous day was posted - if one is into intermittent fasting.

Be more mindful by…

If you're trying intermittent fasting, give it a go, but it is not for everyone, and if you don't really care for it, then there is no need to worry about it! There is never any pressure to feel the need to do anything in particular, it is always about tuning in to your own body and doing what works best for you.

Day Recap

At the end of each day and at the very bottom of the timeline, you can find the "DAY RECAP" button. Tapping it will give another overview of the day. Here, a collage of the photos of the meals for the day (up to 8) will be formed and ready to be shared on social media if you would like (or simply save it to your camera roll on your phone or send it to someone through your preferred communication channel).

It is also possible to view all other tracked items by scrolling a little further down from that day, including all notes, and daily stats.

If Apple health integration is enabled, view the step count and daily activity rings.

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