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Coach: How can I see what my clients are eating?
Coach: How can I see what my clients are eating?

View your clients' meals

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Once you have added your first client and any additional clients, you will be able to see your client list to the left.

From there, tap on the specific client that you want to see their path for. You will be able to view their stats (the last seven days' worth of tags that they have answered regarding any mindful questions), path, and chat/add notes (adding notes is only visible to you - this can be a great opportunity to make note of something that you may want to discuss with them at a later time).

If at any time you want to minimize the stats or chat, you can do so by tapping on the specific feature in the upper header "Insights", "Path", "Messages", and/or "Notes". When they are selected and highlighted, they will be displayed, if not selected they will be minimized. This will allow one view larger and make another view smaller. You can also minimize your client list allowing you to sit down with a client one on one and show go over their path without them seeing anyone else that you are working with.

Additionally, you can view a client's path either in a simple view or a detailed view (this can be chosen at the top of the path). In the simple view, only the meals and additional features will be displayed whereas, in the detailed view, you will be able to automatically see any mindful questions/tags that they have answered corresponding to that specific meal.

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