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Coach: Why should I create a coach account?
Coach: Why should I create a coach account?

Benefits of the Ate Coach Dashboard for health professionals working with their clients.

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Coach Benefits

With the Ate Coach Dashboard, you can view your clients’ meals in addition to seeing why and when they have consumed them. Additionally, you can view their profile, and stats, chat with them directly in the app, and also see any additional features that they have added to their path (beverages, movement, reflections, measurements, sleep and notes). You also have the opportunity to customize questions and tags for your clients in addition to exporting their paths. With new features and updates constantly being added.

As your clients are using the Ate app, they will be able to see you in their Connect list and have the ability to chat with you as well.

Client Benefits

When you sign up for the Ate Coach Dashboard, the clients that you are connected with through the Coach Dashboard using your Coach Code, those clients can access Ate for free for the time that they are working with you. They will only be asked to subscribe once you have deleted them from your client list.

(Optional) Share your path with clients

If you are also using the Ate app to journal your meals, within the Coach Dashboard you have the opportunity to share your food journal with them if you'd like. This can be changed by going into Settings (profile image upper right corner) > Manage my clients > Who can see my path?

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