As a coach, you have the ability to download your client's data into a PDF or CSV file.

To access this, select the client that you want to download the data for, open their profile, (…), and select “export user’s entries”. From here you have the opportunity to download this week, the previous week, the last two weeks, or you can select a time period of your choice (limited to 14 days).

The PDF (download) will include the stats of the client, the mindful questions/tags that they have included, and all of their meals in that time frame. You will also be able to see any movement, beverages, reflections, or notes that they have added to their path.

The PDF (email) allows you as a coach to email yourself the PDF of your client automatically while deciding the time frame that you would like.

The CSV download allows you to have the option to download the meal details or the weekly overview.

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