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Coach: How do I add a new client?
Coach: How do I add a new client?

Looking to add your clients?

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You’re ready to add your first client!

Here are three ways to add a client:

1. Coach Dashboard > Clients

Open the Coach Dashboard on a desktop, on the left panel tap on Clients > in the upper right corner tap Add Client and then a pop up giving you the options to either Copy Invite link or simply share your 8-digit code with your client through your preferred communication channel.

2. Coach Dashboard > Settings

Open the Coach Dashboard on a desktop, on the left panel tap on Settings > the Settings will pop-up where you have the option to copy your 8-digit code, or lower down tap on Add Client to be able to access the Invite link to send to your client.

3. Ate App > Connect

If you're in the Ate app you can connect with new clients by tapping on Connect at the bottom navigation bar > on the Connect screen tap on the three dots in the upper right corner > make sure the toggle is set to Coach and from there you can send out your 8 digit code or share the link to connect with Clients.

Should I send the link or the 8-digit code?

Sending Link:

The unique link generated to download the Ate app in Google Play or Apple App Store. Since the Client is connected with you through your Coach subscription, this will forgo the subscription pop-up on their end and automatically connect you with them as soon as they download the app for the first time.

You can also send the link to them if they've downloaded the app previously, when they click on the link it will bring them right into the app and have them connected with you.

Sending 8-Digit Code:

If a client has already downloaded Ate, they can manually enter the 8-digit code that you have sent to them on their Connect page.


If a Client has already chosen a subscription or have been using Ate on their own previously, they can go into the App Store or the Play Store with their subscriptions and cancel their subscription for the time being as it is free for them to use Ate while they are connected with you as their coach.

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