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Coach: How do I remove a client?
Coach: How do I remove a client?

No longer working with that client and want to remove them?

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As a Coach, you can delete clients both from the Coach Dashboard and from within the Ate app.

From Coach Dashboard

Head to Clients > Next to the specific client an empty square will appear, check that off > tap on the trash can. Once you tap on the trash can, a confirmation message will come up making sure that you want to remove that client.

You can also remove more than one client at a time.

From within the Ate app, tap on Connect > Select the particular client > Clients Profile > Connection Settings > Disconnect.

Important Reminder

Please remove any inactive clients from your client list to be able to stay within your chosen client subscription package.

Once you disconnect from a client, then they will no longer be able to access Ate for free, they will need to choose a subscription if they decide to continue to use Ate on their own.

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