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Coach: How do I create a coach account?
Coach: How do I create a coach account?

Looking to set up your coach account?

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Head over to to create an account with a username and password. In case you have been playing around with the Ate app previously, you can use that same username and password to login into the coaching portal.

However, if the account that you created is with your AppleID, Facebook, or Google, please go back into Ate > profile > My account > Login Settings > Link my Email as at this time you will need an email and password to login to Ate Coach.

Important Reminder

If you first signed up for the Ate app and selected a subscription, then decided to sign up for the Ate Coach Dashboard, and chose a subscription there as well, when you have created an Ate Coach account for yourself you automatically have access to the Ate app (when using the same email and password).

In this case, please go back to the App Store or Play Store from your phone, and cancel your Ate subscription as that will not be necessary to have when you have an Ate Coach subscription.

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