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What's new in iOS 3.13
What's new in iOS 3.13

Customizable sharing, optional meal notes while logging, and other personalization updates.

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New Day Recap sharing options

We have completely overhauled the sharing options available in the new Day Recaps view. You can share just the top of the page or the entire page if you like. When you share the top, you can now customize the background image and select which entry types are visible in the shared collage. More on all the changes here.

Add a note while logging your food (Optional)

We wanted to make the food logging process as simple and seamless as possible, so you can focus on enjoying the meal, instead of journaling what you are about to eat.

However, if you have time and want to capture a bit more information, you can now add some optional notes (along with the pre-meal questions) during the logging process. More on this here.

Change the sort order of Reminders

By default, reminders are shown in the order created. However, if you would like to sort them by the reminder time (for "Fixed time reminder"), you can now do this by tapping the customize icon on the top of the page. More on this here.

Ability to change which food photo is visible

If you are using the Combine Food feature, multiple food photos taken during a set time interval are combined into a single entry. This creates an issue, as there are multiple photos in an entry and we can only show one. With this new option in Settings, you can now choose which one is displayed. Go to Profile >> Settings >> Combine food to display.

Do you have more than 12 entries in a day?

The Day Recap and Share View can now show up to 20 entries. They will be small, due to space, but at least visible.

We also fixed a ton of bugs around offline mode, friend invites, loading times, and optimized overall speed in various places.

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