Day Recaps

A new journal view that shows all entries in one place and makes it easy to share.

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How to access

Tap on the Journal icon on the bottom navigation bar and select Day Recaps in the tab bar up top. (Tip: the app will always take you back to the last viewed journal page, so if you leave it on Day Recaps, it will take you back to this screen every time.)

How to navigate

Scroll left and right to navigate between days. To see more details for the day, simply scroll down on that day.

How to share your day

You have two options here. You can share the top of the card ("Share your day" card) or the entire day card with all the details ("Share with details" card).

How to "Share your day" card

To share the top of the card, tap on "Share your day" under the card. This will present you with multiple options, depending on how much detail you have added to the entry. Swipe left and right to see what options are available.

Food captured for the day will always be displayed on this card. If you want to hide/show other entries, you can customize this for the card. You can also set which food image should be displayed on top if you use our "Combine food" feature. (Tap on the customize icon in the menu bar to access these options.)

You can also customize the background image for the card. Take a new photo or add something from the camera roll.

Would love to hear from you on how you plan to use this feature, on how we could enhance it for you. We already have a few changes in mind, but wanted to get feedback from the community before we jump in. Just let us know through the support chat.

The app will create a high-resolution image of this card that you can share anywhere you like or save it to your camera roll.

How to "Share with details" card

You can also share the entire Day Recaps card with all the details by scrolling to the bottom of the page and tapping on "Share with details". This creates a longer format image of the day to share. Not the best for social platforms, but great to share in chat messages or to the camera roll.

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