Capture your Sleep to add to your path

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Sleep logging option. This data is only visible to the user and a coach if they are working with one also using Ate Coach. It is not shared with friends.

Adding Sleep Manually

Log your sleep either manually or through your Apple Watch. Manually logging allows you to add your sleep to your path the following morning by setting the start time from the day before and the end time.

Sleep can be accessed by tapping "+" in the bottom navigation bar.

Adding Sleep with a wearable like an Apple Watch

If your device shares sleep stage data with Apple Health, it'll grab that too giving you an even deeper look into your sleep patterns.

An important reminder about Sleep

These are private - only visible to the user and an Ate Coach if they are connected with them.

Insights about Sleep

Check out Insights for graphs showing your sleep trends over time.

**We’re working on adding even more graphs to give you a clearer picture of your progress**

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