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Coach: Enabling Notifications on Chrome
Coach: Enabling Notifications on Chrome
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There are two types of notifications you can receive from your clients: New Chat message or New Meal Added. (These can be managed under Ate Coach Dashboard >> Settings >> Manage Notifications >> Client Activity Notifications.)

These notifications are currently supported in the Chrome browser. When you first create your coach account on the Coach Dashboard, you will be prompted to give Ate permission to send you these notifications.

How to manage notifications or change permissions

You can tap on the lock icon next to the in the browser window to access the following quick menu.

You can also manage notifications in the Chrome browser settings following these steps:

  1. Open Chrome and click the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner.

  2. Go to 'Settings' > 'Privacy and security' > 'Site settings'.

  3. Scroll down to 'Notifications'.

  4. Here, you can choose 'Sites can ask to send notifications', 'Use quieter messaging', or 'Don't allow sites to send notifications'.

  5. For individual website settings, under 'Notifications', use the three dots icon next to each website to adjust its specific settings (allow, block, edit, or remove).

These steps should help you manage Chrome's notification settings effectively.

Disclaimer: As Chrome is regularly updated by Google, these settings and options might be different on newer/older versions of the Chrome browser.

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