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Mindful Minutes

Tracking mindful minutes with Apple Health and Ate

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Incorporating mindfulness into your daily routine can benefit your overall well-being. With Apple Health you can track mindful minutes which then write to the Ate app.

You can easily track your mindful minutes and improve your mindfulness practice. When you connect Ate and Apple Health, it enables you to have your mindful minutes logged (similar to that of Steps being logged in Ate)

Adding mindful minutes

Connect Ate with Apple Health. At this time, adding mindful minutes to Ate is through Apple Health. If you record mindful minutes in Apple Health, it will be added to the Ate app.

Viewing mindful minutes

Viewing your mindful minutes is a total of all your mindful minutes for the day (similar to how steps are totaled for the day). To view this in Ate, tap on Day Recap at the bottom of your path and then scroll to the bottom of the Day Recap. Here you will see a total of your mindful minutes.

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