By tapping on "Path", all meals will be visible, in addition to activities, feelings, notes, and liquids that have also been added.

All the meal photos that have been added help to build the path. To do so, the first food picture will begin the timeline. All proceeding meals will be posted there as well, including the meal times, the time between meals, and On-path/Off-path made clearly visible.

To see the timeline, tap on "Path" in the navigation bar. Here simply swipe down on the timeline to view all the meals and anything else added.

Here the different experiments that have been tried (or are in progress) will also be visible.

By default, meals will not be combined. However, in settings, it is possible to turn on the meal combination and set that to be 30 minutes (or any preferred amount). When meals are grouped within 30 minutes of each other, it truly makes it feel like it was one meal.

One can be more mindful by…

Customizing the interval in settings. 20 minutes can work great if that’s better for some. Also setting an after-meal reminder with the same time interval to bring awareness when this eating window closes.

Build the Timeline

Take a picture of every meal or snack that has been consumed. This will create a path with the On-path and Off-path meals clearly visible.

From there, simply scroll back to see how eating and habit building has been going. Seeing meals on various days on a linear timeline can really help put together interdependencies between choices. A salad might have looked like a good idea the night before last night, but if it did not satisfy the body and left one feeling starving later and causing to binge in the morning, it was probably not enough to fuel the body.

Reflecting on choices (both the type of meals and timing) can help in making better decisions down the road.

One can be more mindful by…

If interested in tracking water, bulletproof coffees, activities, moods, or just taking general notes, these can be added to the path as well as by tapping on "+ Capture".

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